The time is over 2000 years old, originally Indian health teaching Ayurveda is translated "knowledge of life" and is based on a holistic approach. The person, not the disease is treated here. The gentle healing method tries to bring body, mind and soul. In Ayurveda, each person is considered to be a small universe that is controlled by the three bio-vata, pitta, kapha. Vata is responsible for the circulation and nerves responsible for the metabolism Pita and Kapha for bone formation. This three bio - also called doshas - determine the overall physical and mental processes, and only when you are in balance, we remain healthy.

Ayurveda Treatments

Our Rainforest Ayurveda Health Center is Certified Ayurvedic spas for Pancha Karma. It is equipped with qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians and therapists. The Zuntrum is directed and under the supervision and guidance of the adviser Ayurvedic physician Dr. Prageeth Tharanga. The medicine and herbal oils are fresh and natural ingredients, using traditional authentic preparative methods to give you the experience of a lifetime.

We offer daily below named Panchakarma 4 to 5 treatments.

Sambahana :- A Complete body Massage with selected Ayurvedic Medicated Oils.

Vaspasweda :- Ayurvedic Steam Bath with Herbal Leaves.

Vakthra Ubtan :- A Paste made of Nuss & Flowers churned with Milk & Oils is applied over the Face following the beauty Massage.

Awaggahasweda :- Herbal Bath.

Sharira Ubtan :-A special Paste churned with Milk & Oils is applied over the Body following the beauty Massage.

Shirodara :- A warm infusion of Oils, Milk & Buttermilk is gently pured over the Third Eye on the Forehead.

Vaktra Chikitsa :- Facial Massage followed by herbal steam & Face Pack.

Shirsha Taila Vimardana :- Head, Neck and shoulder Massage with herbal Oils.

Navarakizi :- A bolus made out of Rice boiled in an herbal decoction & milk is used to foment the body.

Padha Taila Vimardana :- Foot Massage with a Foot Bath

Rates (including Treatments and Accommodation)


Type of Room

01 Person (B/B)

Per Week

02 Person (B/B)

Per Week

New Modern Room

435 €

760 €

Standard Room

400 €

725 €

Top Floor Suite

570 €

880 €

Rock Suite 610 € 930 €



Day One

Sambahana, Shirsha Taila Vimardana, Padha Taila Vimardana, Avaggahasveda

Day Two

Sambahana, Vaspasveda, Sharira Ubtan

Day Three

Sambahana, Vaspasveda, Vaktra Chikitsa, Avaggahasveda

Day Four

Sambahana, Shirodara, Shirsha Taila Vimardana, Avaggahasveda

Day Five

Sambahana, Shirodara, Avaggahasveda

Day Six

Sambahana, Vaktra Ubtan/Sharira Ubtan, Shirsha Taila Vimardana, Avaggahasveda

Day Seven

Navarakisi, Shirsha Taila Vimardana, Avaggahasveda