Situated Rakwana mountain range. Gongala is a great place for an Eco experience of Sinharaja. From west side you can see the Singharaja Rainforest Maountains and Canopy. The Northern and Eastern side will show you Rakwana and Balangoda as well as Udawalawe National Park in the distance.


Sathmahal Waterfall

In the vicinity of the rain forest is - surrounded by tropical nature - this seven-step waterfall.

A staircase leads down to a natural basin where can take a refreshing dip. The grand landscape offers opportunities for unique photo motives.


Jungle Temple

This Buddhist temple is situated on a small hill in the woods near the lodge. You can be reached on foot in about 1.5 hours. The landscaped terraces and a beautiful location breathe deep peace.


Tea plantations

Deniyaya is surrounded by tea plantations. Some grow out of Sri Lanka's best teas.

The plan crops climb up to the highest mountain slopes. The tea is processed locally in tea factory. We show you the worth seeing tea factory in Deniyaya named LUMBINI TEA FACTORY. During this tea factory visit you can learn the complex processing of green tea leaf known to the aromatic beverage. After the visit you may like to buy their Tea.